GECAMET Final Research Report

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Dragomir, C. et al., Final Report IAMU 2017 Research Project No. 20170305 Gender Equality and Cultural Awareness in Maritime Education and Training (GECAMET), August 2018, IAMU, Tokyo, ISBN 978-4-907408-23-7


Suitability to a maritime career has more to do with the individual’s abilities rather than gender or nationality.

GECAMET (Gender Equality and Cultural Awareness in Maritime Education and Training) Research Project  has a vital role in advancing research in the domain of women seafarers’ motivation to join a maritime university and a sea career and on cultural awareness among mixed crews.

GECAMET aim was to establish a foundation for an active long-term research cooperation among 10 IAMU member universities from 9 countries and 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America) on the topic of gender in shipping.

The role of the project was to evaluate the complexity of the relationship between human factors, shipping companies, ship management practices, and MET institutions on issues of gender equality and cultural awareness.

As the shipping industry continues to grow, sustainability will be dependent on more women entering the maritime profession and on the unification of ideas for a shared vision amidst cultural diversity. The results of the studies under GECAMET Research Project are deemed essential in creating positive change on these aspects and in fostering a better opinion and perception on the significant role of women and individual uniqueness in the shipping industry.